Biomass Energy for Rural India (BERI) Project

The Project Management Unit of Biomass Energy to Rural India (BERI) engaged IYD as a Cluster NGO for the implementation of the project in Tumkur Taluk of Tumkur District. IYD has a role in – Mobilizing the farming rural communities and organizing them into appropriate rural organizations like; Village Biomass Energy Management Committees, Village Forest Committees, Water Users’ Associations or any suitable Self Help Groups to facilitate achieving the project objective and providing ongoing support to sustain them. IYD would follow participatory processes to promote decentralized energy in rural energy requirements.  It also facilitates mitigation of environmental problems being addressed under the project, including health related problems of the rural community in general and rural women in specific.

Project Area: IYD is the implementing agency of the BERI Project in five villages, namely:

  • Mallenahally
  • Sorekunte
  • Chikkaseebi
  • B.G.Palya
  • Ukkudadahatty