Rapid Testing Programme (RTP) – AHF Community Based Testing Model

Project Partner: AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) – India, New Delhi


AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), is an international not for profit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) and non-religious organization registered in 1987 in the USA, and is now the largest HIV/AIDS organization in the world. Currently, AHF provides medical care and treatment services in 42 countries worldwide. The organization’s mission is to “provide cutting-edge medicine and advocacy, regardless of ability to pay.”  It does this by collaborating with local and national governments, NGOs and other key stake holders to provide direct support and technical assistance to establish sustainable and replicable models for the delivery of quality and comprehensive HIV/AIDS treatment, care and support services. AHF’s affiliate, INDIA CARES, follows the same mission of providing medical treatment and advocacy for people with HIV and AIDS.


To provide HIV testing and prevention services in the designated sites of Koppal District, Karnataka

Project Area:

S. No.






Gangavathi and Koppal

Will be selected based on Risk Groups



Gubbi and Tumakuru

Will be selected based on Risk Groups


Program Indicators and Targets –IYD has been working at 2 sites such as Tumakuru and Koppal districts. An annual total of 9,600 (1600 per month) HIV tests are expected to be conducted and 96 new PLHIV clients (1%) are expected to be identified and linked with ART Treatment by the end of 31st December 2019. It is expected that 28,800 male condoms will be distributed by the end of project period.

Public awareness will be increased about HIV, especially among MSM, Transgender, Female sex Workers, youth, woman and other Vulnerable Population & (MARPs).  This will include general awareness about HIV/AIDS, HIV testing services and availability of HIV treatment and care services (including ART).

Project Period: July 2019 to December 2019

Role of IYD in RTP Program

  • Implementation of Free HIV Testing Program at all testing sites and during events based on prior approvals.
  • Prepare the community for HIV testing with outreach activities that mobilize enhanced attendance at testing sites and pre-approved events.
  • Conduct onsite pre-test counselling, free Rapid HIV testing and referral services by following the standard protocols as provided by INDIA CARES.
  • All newly identified HIV positives should undergo a second screening test with alternate test kit using different technique/methodology.
  • All positive clients have to be connected to ICTC/ART services mentioning INDIA CARES as the referral NGO in the ICTC/ART record.
  • The partner organisation will ensure that all newly identified positives are followed up till they are initiated on ART.
  • The partner organisation will be bound by the privacy & confidentiality clause as reflected under the HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control Act, 2017.
  • Link any other PLHIVs who might come in contact through other sources in its operational area for necessary treatment, care and support services. In case INDIA CARES Centre is not present in the operational area, the PLHIV will be linked to the Government ICTC/ART Centre for treatment, care and support.
  • Timely submission of monthly reports and other necessary documents regarding HIV Testing, linkage to care as per reporting guidelines from INDIA CARES in order to substantiate the validity of tests performed and the outcomes.
  • Disseminate information to the target population on general health, hygiene, behaviour change communication for prevention and HIV/AIDS services provided by INDIA CARES.
  • Collaborate in recognition of mutual partnerships by promoting logos of both INDIA CARES and the partner organisation.