Climate Change: Clean Energy Program

Project Name :

Climate Change: Clean Energy Program

Total Budget: 25.43 Lakhs

Project Period:  2014 to 2016

Sponsored:  The Energy Research Institute (TERI), New Delhi.

Stakeholders: Rural Women, Self Help Groups

The Project Area:

Pavagada, Tumkur and Sira taluks in Tumkur district and Nelamanagala taluk in Bangalore rural district.

Project Summary:


  • To conduct awareness clean energy technology
  • To Disseminate the clean energy technologies

Impact / Outcome

Outcome: Improved cook stoves technology used by 653 households in the project area; created Technology Resource Centres serving all households adopting solar lighting systems.


 (i) piloting scalable models for provision of clean cooking energy to poor households in rural India;

(ii) Ensuring long-term sustainability of models for scaling up of solar energy rural India as a source of household lighting for poor households.