Karnataka Community-Based Tank Management Project

Project Name :

Karnataka Community-Based Tank Management Project

Budget: 125.63 Lakhs

Period: 2009 to 2013

Supported by: Jala Samvardhane Yojana Sangha (JSYS), Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore

Project area Location:

Kumsi – Shimoga taluk, Shimoga district

Harnalli – Shimoga taluk, Shimoga district

Srinivaspura – Srinivaspura taluk

Project summary:

To improve rural livelihoods and reduce poverty by developing and strengthening community-based approaches to improving and managing selected tank systems


  1. Facilitated 72 Nos. of Tank System rehabilitation works.
  2. Provided the services of experienced four Social Specialists as Cluster Facilitators..
  3. Ensured active participation of project stakeholders, a rapid assessment of tank area to assess social, technical and economic feasibility for tank system improvement.
  4. Prepared meticulous and diligent plan to ensure building the capacities of 72 TMI through 14 modules of training materials provided by JSYS.
  5. Provided technical, managerial and other related support, professional service and assistance to TMI to enable the TMI to appreciate and share the vision of community-based planning and Management Plan.