TERI`s DROP on Integrated Watershed Development

Project Name :

TERI`s DROP on Integrated Watershed Development

Total Budget:          25.43 Lakhs

Project Period:        2012 to 2016

Sponsored: Karnataka Biofuel Development Board, Govt. of Karnataka, Bangalore.

Project Summary:

Objective: to ensure production of bio-fuel as an alternative energy to meet the demand through bio-fuel plantation as subsidiary income for small and marginal farmers


Reduction of toxic emissions by use of bio-fuels, which are practically free of sulphurous compounds and hence, reduction of greenhouse gas emission through substitution of fossil fuels with bio-fuels.

  • District Bio-fuel Development Committee has been formed and conducted the meetings on quarterly basis.
  • Training and awareness program were conducted for Panchayath Development officers (PDO’s) and GP members


  1. Facilitating optimal land use for bio-fuels, avoiding competing needs of food security.
  2. Facilitating optimal resource allocation and incentive (including disincentives) frame work for research, development, production and use of bio-fuel.