IYD encourages supports and facilitates internship for students and youth it also provide opportunities for corporate volunteers under CSR
This includes project based volunteering program based volunteering, campaign based volunteering etc. The basic considerations that are kept in mind are the appropriations of volunteering in relation to the thrust areas of the institute and also the interest and the levels of expertise of the volunteers.
For these who are interested in working with the institute as volunteers the institute as volunteers ,the institute provides flexible working condition such as working time working from home ,working in the field etc.
Volunteers can schedule an appointment after our confirmation if required
+91-80-25530597 25533989

The following institute is Availing internship at present   

  • Tata institute of social science (TISS), MUMBAI
  • Department of social work, Bangalore University
  • Department of social work, Kolar
  • Department of social work, Tumkur University
  • Sri Sriddartha institute of Business management, Tumkur University
  • Inamdar College for master of social works, Gulbarga University
  • Department of Social Work. Gulbarga University
  • Department of Social Work, RDPR University
  • Department of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya Mangalore
  • Department of Social Work, Oxford College Bangalore
  • Rajagiri College of Social Science, Cochin, Kerala
  • Hemadri College, Tumkur
  • Jyothi Nivas College, Bangalore
  • Christ University, Bangalore
  • Tripude College of social work .R.T.M. Nagar University
  • Little Flower institute of social science and Health (LISSAH), Calicut University

Students interested for volunteering with IYD- Internship /full time, please down load the Volunteering FORM  the Downloads page mail to IYD by email.

Volunteering Form

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